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IEC60068 Spring impact hammer calibration equipment

May. 06, 2020

IEC60068 Spring impact hammer calibration equipment

1. Application:

It is mainly used for the calibration of the spring impact hammer which is based on IEC60068-2-75-1997 and GB2423.55-2006 standard design and manufacturing, primarily for third-party testing organization, the National immigration department and appliance-related research institutes.


2. Features:

Spring impact hammer calibration device is based on all parts IEC60068-2-75 Appendix B requirements of normative documents tolerance manufacturing, most of the critical parts using special materials and special processing, accuracy and stability in the superior performance.


Single-weight design, and supports the vast majority of domestic and foreign manufacturers of all calibration hammer spring, for the company to meet the German PTL 2J spring hammer calibration need extra special guide groove.


3. Specification:

The actual accuracy: 0.01J

Repeat accuracy: ±0.01J

Maximum range: 0 to 2J

Guide groove diameter: 51mm

Pendulum energy loss: less than 0.002j

Trigger route: more than 30mm

Weight: about 35KG

IEC60068 Spring impact hammer calibration equipment