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IEC60529 IP3X Test Probe C

May. 06, 2020

IEC60529 IP3X Test Probe C


Product Description

  IEC61032 IEC60529 IP3X Test Probe C  With Force

Article NO.:CX-T3C


Basic Introduction:

1, According to: IEC61032:1997/IEC60529:2001 AND UL

2, IP3X Test Probe C ( Test Probe C)  is the necessary tool to proceed protecting electric shock test of domestic and similar electrical appliances.

 IEC60529 IP3X Test Probe C

Technical parameters

1,  Test Probe Length :100mm

2,  Test Probe Diameter:2.5mm

3,  Dam- sphere Diameter:35mm

4,  Handle Diameter:10mm

5,  Handle Length 100mm

6,  According to IEC61032 figure 3 (the Test probe C), table 6



1,  Standard test refers to the joint part can't touch the live parts or close to the hazardous parts, and 35mm circular baffle cannot enter .

2,  In the test requirement for preventing from approaching to the hazardous parts,  Test Probe C need to exert a 3±0.3N force. 



This probe is aiming at verifying the basic protection against approaching to hazardous parts.